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when it's cold and grey
i lose my hope for a better day
i watch tv, read myself to sleep
bury 'neath the covers for some heat

i know you'd help me through this
you'd keep me warm if you were here
inspire my thoughts and hopes but
you're in california
far away from me

sitting on the stoop
i remember when i sang for you
you made me radiate
all through the smoke-filled city

the light in your eyes
made me burn alive
and this poor heart didn't know how cold
it would return to be

wish you could help me through this
i miss you singing in my ear
sometimes i think i hear you
but you're in california
so far away from me

wish i had some wings
a magic wand or magic rings
to make you appear
when i'm needing you here

why is this country so big
and our timeframe so small
that we'd only be together
till the breaking of fall

you tried to help me through this
three thousand miles far or near
i know you're thinking of me
but you're in california
california, i'm coming home

i see you
basking in the sun
smiling on the ocean
are you thinking of me?

i know you're thinking of me


from blue and borderlined, released January 27, 2005




cynthia lin San Francisco, California

Cynthia Lin is a singer, songwriter, vocal coach, and ukulele teacher based in San Francisco. Her new album Midnight Echoes, released July 22 2014, features the Blue Moon All Stars, her 8-piece Bay Area band. The band will tour southern California in September. Thanks to our Kickstarters for helping to fund the new album and the music video for Zombie Heart - check it out! ... more

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