from by Cynthia Lin




here i am again
cigarette on my lips
waiting for your call

here i am again
waiting for you
to come home

here i am again
take a long drag
just to hear it crackle
and watch it burn

here i am again
and you know i hate waiting
but you need me and i need you
and i'll be here

when the stage is empty
and the high has fallen away
when you leave the screaming masses
when you're sick of accolades

when you need some honesty
when you need to rest your bones
when you think of me
i'll be here
your home

i'll be your blanket
i'll cover you and keep you warm
i'll be your shelter
from the likes of any storm

i'll be your stereo
i'll sing in both your ears
i'll be your everything
i'll be right here

you know a house is not a home
and homes are rare to find
won't you let me be yours
and you can be mine

you can be my honesty
you can help me rest my bones
you can be my home
sweet home


from doppelganger, released October 8, 2007




Cynthia Lin San Francisco, California

Cynthia Lin is a singer, songwriter, vocal coach, and ukulele teacher based in San Francisco. Her new album Midnight Echoes, released July 22 2014, features the Blue Moon All Stars, her 8-piece Bay Area band. The band will tour southern California in September. Thanks to our Kickstarters for helping to fund the new album and the music video for Zombie Heart - check it out! ... more

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