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skipping in nyc

from doppelganger by Cynthia Lin



skipping in nyc

i was skipping down the sidewalk on 6th avenue
everybody looked at me like i was looney tunes
they didn't understand
i didn't have a care
they put their noses in the air
they didn't know

i was in love
i was in love
i just realized it

i found myself skipping down to Chinatown
on the sidewalk there it's easy to get pushed around
i stopped so i could get
a tshirt made in red
a message i could wear
so everyone would know

i am in love
i am in love
i took me by surprise
the way i suddenly realized
i am in love
i am in love
i just realized it
today i'm in love

yesterday i was not in love
yesterday i simply cared for you
but today today in the dirty subway
my heart beat in a brand new way

so now everybody knows why i skip around
they smile and nod instead of looking down
they understand why i
can't keep my skip inside
and rather than a shout
i move my legs about

i am in love
i am in love
i just realized it today
i am in love

and when you see me skipping up to you
you'll realize the change my heart's been through
and you'll say you'll say in your savoir faire way
that you love me too

side by side we skip back down to Chinatown
i throw my brand new tshirt on the ground
we get new tshirts made
which accurately say
so everyone can read
so everyone can know

we are in love
we are in love
we are in love today
we are in love


from doppelganger, released October 8, 2007




Cynthia Lin Honolulu, Hawaii

Cynthia Lin is a Youtube sensation and modern-day jazz ukulele diva. Through her popular YouTube channel (40+ million views) and approachable teaching style, Cynthia helps people across the world discover the joy of ukulele.

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